In the present, gaming has become an everyday deed. Gaming is not only just about the visuals. Many underestimate on how audio could change the overall gameplay.

True you could play a game without the audio, but you are going to miss out on a lot of things. With games now telling more complex stories, it is evident that many scenes incorporate special sound designs to bring in more tone to the overall gameplay, a classic example in this case would be horror games, where the tiniest details are significant.

Whether you are playing on your smartphone or laptop, gaming has an impact on your happiness, with the expansion of more and more portable gaming equipment such as NVIDIA Shield Tablets and Nintendo Switch, you would need a portable and convenient to carry gaming headphone to enjoy the game fully.

For some, in-ear headphones are ideal as they offer what a headset can’t, convenience. It is easier to use and handle when compared to a heavy and hot headset.

Here are some of the best in-ear headphones for gaming;

The GranVela G10

The GranVela G10

Comes in red and green, my first choice for the best in-ear headphones for gaming would be the GranVela G10.

The G10 is built for pure listening pleasure on the go. This comes with 9mm sound drivers, although G10 doesn’t compete well against the high-end in-ear headphones, it reasonable when compared with the other products that are found at the same price.

The ear tips are made of memory foam; this is idyllic as it supports hours and hours of comfortable gaming. Even the best in-ear headphones for gaming tend to get annoying when listening for prolonged periods of times; the memory foam can make the experience bearable.

The headphone has a pre-built noise-isolating design that blocks out distorting and disturbing sounds. You can take this headphone with you anywhere and game-on!

The body is made of aluminium to increase the durability of the headphones. The headphone comes with 2 Memory Foam ear tips, 3 different ear gel sizes for optimum fit and comfort and a carrying case. Buy this headphone on Amazon

Edifier P270

Edifier P270

Edifier is a professional brand of sound system manufacturers; they supply a vast range of speakers, music systems and headphones for personal and home entertainment.

The Edifier P270 is a metallic in-ear headphone costing around $15-$20. The ear tips are made of silicon which ensures durability and long-lasting quality

The sleek metal alloy housing is durable and lightweight with a matte finish. This gives an elegant look to headphones. You could buy the headphones in Gold and Silver colour to provide it with that simple yet luxurious look

What could the Edifier offer that the GranVela? The Edifier comes with a 10mm driver that produces more of a natural clean sound rather than bass enforcement, and also it comes with a built-in one-button in-line control and a microphone that ensures clear communication. Buy this headphone on Amazon

Turtle Beach Ear Force M1

Turtle Beach Ear Force M1

Turtle Beach is an American soundcard and headset manufacturer. Although they are mostly known for their headsets, they also produce the best in-ear headphones for gaming.

Are you tired of all the background noises? In this case, the outside environment would be troublesome too since you could wear your headphones anywhere you want to. The noise isolating design is fitting for those who need to concentrate on their game.

This in-ear headphone is in the midrange of its price, but compared to the budget in-ear headphones I mentioned above the Ear Force M1 has a respectable microphone performance. This ensures that your team can hear you smooth and clear.

The M1 has a gold-plated connector that ensures the absence of interferences when using the headphone.

The cord is braided to prevent tangling and to increase the durability.

It comes with 3 different sized gel-type ear tips to fit on different sized ears, but you will not receive a carry case with your earphones. Although that is a negative point for some, I don’t believe it would change your experience with the headphone. View this headphone on Amazon

Tt eSport Isurus

Tt eSport Isurus

Although it might look odd, the Tt eSport Isurus is one the best in-ear headphones for gaming.

This headphone has a unique detachable microphone. This is very beneficial as it is far superior to any in-line microphone.

The Isurus Pro also comes with a 13.5mm driver, due to its insanely large driver, it can support more bass output and provides better audio performance than the other in-ear headphones I mentioned in this list which came with 9-10mm drivers.

The audio performance is quite significant; it does not overlap due to the high bass response and prominent mids and highs

When the microphone is detached, a secondary in-line microphone will automatically turn on. There are controls on the cord that is capable of muting the in-line microphone as well.

I hate when headphones keep tangling for no reason at all, the Isurus has a flat cable, and this prevents all that unnecessary untangling before actually using the headphone. View this headphone on Amazon

Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

A list of gaming peripherals would not be complete without Razer mentioned in it. It can be seen that Razer continuously improve their products based on reviews and feedback. The Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 is an upgraded version 2 to its successor which was also one of the best in-ear headphones for gaming.

Like the Icarus, the Razer too has flat cables to prevent all the tangling mess

In the Hammerhead, all the in-game lower frequent sounds such as gunshots and punchy noises will be very noticeable and can change your gameplay with first-person-shooters

The headphone is entirely bass-centred, although it makes the best in-ear headphone for gaming, it cannot serve another purpose such as listening to music.

The microphone is simple and in-line which works reliably and does not need any further enhancements. The Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 comes with a cool and smooth case along with two extra ear tips. Buy this headphone on Amazon

Final Thoughts : best in-ear headphones for gaming

When it comes to gaming, one must not overlook how the audio can entirely change your gaming experience.

If you do not feel like using a humongous, heavy over the year headset, you might as well buy one of the best in-ear headphones for gaming to get that extra pinch of gaming immersion

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