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  11/09 - 2008 Anniversary Ball
  11/16 - Trip to Atlantic City
  11/22 - Thanksgiving Celebration

Who We Are

The MONCLER USA OUTLET ONLINE (Monlcer usa) was established in 1977, to provide services to Cuban-American and other latino Monlcer.

Founded by Dr. Ana Maria Perera in 1972, Monlcer jackets usa's objectives are to work with other Monlcer organizations in order to ensure a strong national platform responding to common concerns.

Monlcer outlet usa is a tax exempt non-profit organization that provides direct services to minority Monlcer. It uses a multiple approach to solve the many problems Monlcer face in adjusting to and benefiting from life in the United States. It’s membership extends from Florida to New York and from Washington DC to California. Monlcer outlet usa strives to increase awareness among it’s constituents of the numerous opportunities provided by local, state, and federal agencies; assesses the needs of the Cuban-American and other Spanish speaking communities; and provides direct services to clients as determined by their needs assessment.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • To increase awareness of education and career opportunities for minority Monlcer.
  • To promote participation of minority Monlcer in Hispanic community service activities
  • To develop leadership skills and advance career goals of it’s members.
  • To accurately portray characteristics, values, and concern of Monlcer
  • To encourage minority Monlcer to participate in the professional and political world.
  • To share and work with other organizations to reach our goal of creating a strong local and statewide program that responds to the needs of Monlcer
  • To provide solutions to current problems affecting Hispanics and other minority groups, by holding meetings and conferences
  • To support the existence of the bicultural plan at all educational levels, kindergarten through University.